All our pies are 10 inch in diameter.

N.E. Apple Crust                        16.99
N.E. Apple/Crunch                     15.99
Traditional Apple                       12.99
Apple/Peach Crunch                 12.99
Blueberry                                   12.99
Pecan                                        12.99
Pumpkin                                    11.99
Lemon Meringue                        12.99
Mincemeat                                 14.99
Custard                                     10.99
Coconut Custard                       10.99
Cherry                                       14.99

Irish Bread
A family recipe brought over from
Ireland over a century ago.  We have
caraway seeds in our recipe. You can
request no caraway if you like.

6 inch bread                           7.99
8 inch bread                           9.99
10 inch bread                       11.99


Cheesecake made with real cream
cheese, fresh whole eggs, Vanilla,
sugar, sour cream & our own graham

6 inch cheesecake                 15.99
8 inch cheesecake                 19.99
10 inch cheesecake               24.99

Top your cheesecake with any of the
following;  Strawberry, blueberry,        
cherry or melted
At Cornucopia Foods we sell our whole baked goods slightly different.  Most establishments have whole
baked goods displayed ready for sale.  At Cornucopia we only make whole baked goods when you order
them.  This process guarantees you get a fresh product.  At  Cornucopia your getting a pastry that was
baked the night before,  not something thats been sitting in the pastry case for 2 days.  

Thats why we require 24 hour notice for any products that are listed below.  If you need something that day
and you forgot to order form us... You'll have to visit one of those display establishments.

We may not be the best cake
decorators in the area but we make
the best tasting cakes around!

Standard Cakes

All Standard cakes are 2 layers. All
cakes come in the following sizes;
6 inch, 8 inch & 10 inch.

You may choose Chocolate, Gold or
Marble for cake flavors.  All cake
come with buttercream frosting.  
When substituting whip cream for
buttercream you must add $3.00 per

6 inch cake                         10.99
8 inch cake                         12.99
10 inch cake                       14.99

6 inch serves 4 - 6
8 inch serves 8 - 12
10 inch serves 12 - 16

Cream Pies
All cream pies are 10" diameter
All cream pies are
$10.99 each

Banana Cream, Chocolate Cream
and Coconut Cream

Tray Bread Pudding              14.99
Tray Grapenut Pudding         12.99
Dozen Brownies                     15.99
Dozen Large Cupcakes         15.99
Dozen 1/2 Moons                  15.99
Dozen Whoopie Pies             18.99

Epicurean Cakes

Epicurean cakes are a step above
standard and come in the following

Orange Creamsicle - Orange cake
filled with orange marmalade, fresh
whipped cream and finished with an
orange buttercream frosting.
Banana Split Cake - Gold cake with
fresh bananas and strawberries, fresh
whipped cream then finished with
melted chocolate.
Better than Sex - Chocolate cake with
caramel, chocolate fudge, crushed
heath bar and freshly whipped cream.
Carrot Cake - Our own Carrot cake
recipe filled and topped with delicious
lemon cream cheese frosting.
Cappuccino - Chocolate cake drizzled
with coffee liquor and surrounded with
mocha butter cream frosting.
Strawberry Shortcake - Gold cake
filled with lots of strawberries and lots
of freshly whipped cream.
Raspberry Cream - Gold or
Chocolate cake with raspberry filling,
chocolate or vanilla buttercream
frosting, fresh raspberries and toasted
coconut sides.
Lemon cream - Lemon cake filled with
a lemon curd filling, lemon buttercream
frosting and toasted coconut sides.
Boston Cream - Gold cake with a
Bavarian filling and finished with a
chocolate Ganache.

6 inch Epicurean                 15.99
8 inch Epicurean                 20.99
10 inch Epicurean                30.99

Call us at 781.321.3890 to place your Dessert/ Pastry order(s)
All orders placed by phone must be paid in full before we process order.
Orders placed in person require a 50% deposit before order is processed.