Cornucopia's  Coffee Connection

Here at the Café, we also offer a variety of Gourmet Teas.

Wild Raspberry Tea Herbal Tea
Fruit & Fragrance blend with the delightful taste of fresh picked wild berries.
English Breakfast Black Tea
This hearty blend brews up dark in the cup with rich flavor.
Earl Grey Black Tea
Pure Bergamot oil from Calabria Italy adds a citrus like flavor and scent of lavender.
Orange Spice Black Tea
A flavorful blend of premium black tea leaves, tangy orange peel and sweet cinnamon.
Premium Green Tea
A gentle cpmplemplative drink blended from top quality green tea leaves.

We also carry both Lipton Decaf tea & Lipton Regular Tea.

The Following Coffees are always available daily
at the Café.  Both Iced as well as hot.

USDA Organic Sumatra  
This is our original House Blend.   
This coffee grown on the volcanic slopes of Mount Leuser on the island of
Indonesia.  Sumatran coffee has a unique earthy yet fruity flavor with a
velvety chocolate/caramel finish.  You can expect a low key acidity and a
medium body flavor.

Here are other Specialty Coffees
currently being offered at the Café.

French Vanilla
Pure Vanilla blended in for a great aroma and full flavor.
A sweet taste with full body and enticing aroma.
Chocolate Fudge
Mouth watering chewy fudge.
Caramel Cream
English Caramel and vanilla nut cream.
Rainforest Crunch
Arabica beans blended with Hazelnuts, Macadamia nuts
and toasted almonds.
Cupid's Kiss
Buttery French caramel, toasted Southern Pecans and
rich Swiss chocolate.
Something we want you to know when purchasing coffee at Cornucopia.
Here at the Café, your Flavored coffee is produced with beans alone!
We do not add high caloric sugary syrups to regular brewed coffee to attain
your flavor.
Current Hot Coffee Prices here at the Café.
Small  1.70 ( 12oz.)               Medium  2.05 ( 16oz.)                Large  2.20 ( 20oz )